Anissa (the_x_final) wrote in freakinradtemps,

Dir En Grey Layout Request

preferred color scheme (blues, purples, reds, grays..): Color for the main header, black and white for the rest.
of who/what band: Dir En Grey
any lyrics: Every time I bleed, there lies the reason to live… And I discover words being so vivid and bright - The Final
specific font?: Not particularly- something pretty, but easy to read.
big or small?: Small, please
do you want your username on the picture?: No thank you.
any details you would like on it: Nope~
are you daring enough to let us choose the picture(s) for you? if not, what's the link to you specified picture?:
do you want actual help with the layout, or just want an image?:
I need the coding and all done, please.
Also, if you could make the layout for the sponsored plus journal type, that would be excellent. <3

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