Demure. (m00fin_mofo3) wrote in freakinradtemps,

Background Request

preferred color scheme (blues, purples, reds, grays..): black, off-white, grays, reds

of who/what band: just the picture

any lyrics: "i swear i'd rip my heart out if you said you'd be impressed. please be impressed."

specific font?: just kind of like handwriting, scrawled in a notebook or something. but i want it to be legible.

big or small?: not too big, but big enough to be legible without squinting

do you want your username on the picture?: no

any details you would like on it: for the comment buttons, i want it to be 'takethissilencelikeapill' and '__ tookthissilencelikeapill'

are you daring enough to let us choose the picture(s) for you? if not, what's the link to you specified picture?:

do you want actual help with the layout, or just want an image?: help? please? hahha

thanks in advance. i really appreciate it.
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