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preferred color scheme (blues, purples, reds, grays..): white and yellow. not like a mustard yellow, just regular yellow :]

of who/what band: is just one person in the band ok? Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island?

any lyrics: no thanks

specific font?: nah

big or small?: i'm not sure, uh medium?

do you want your username on the picture?: really little on one of the bottom corners is fine.

any details you would like on it: I want the background to be white and the borders around the entries and picture to be yellow? if that's not possible then don't worry about it.

are you daring enough to let us choose the picture(s) for you? if not, what's the link to you specified picture?:
Can you put the picture in black and white and just have Jorma (the one looking at the screen in the back) in color? If that's not possible I can do it and then send the picture back to you. Also, is there a way to make the picture bigger for the layout? Sorry about all the changes.
I don't know which one you need so i'll put them all.¤t=layoutbanner.jpg


do you want actual help with the layout, or just want an image?:
i'd like the layout please :]
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